Property Management Services

Willie Choice Realty Professional Association Inc., strive to provide for all our clients’ needs including property management, investment consultation, staging/design, development and Maximum Gain Consulting.

Agent/Brokerage Firm, acting through Broker, shall provide brokerage services to Landlord. Broker, acting as a Landlord’s Agent and shall perform the following Uniform Duties when working with Landlord:

  • Perform the terms of any written or oral agreement with Landlord;
  • Present all offers to and from Landlord in a timely manner;
  • Disclose to Landlord adverse material facts known by Broker;
  • Advise Landlord regarding the transaction and to refer to seek expert advice when necessary;
  • Accounting in a timely manner for all money and or property received;
  • Keep the Landlord fully informed regarding any transaction always;
  • Promote the interests of Landlord with the utmost good faith, loyalty and fidelity.
  • Advertise by unlimited means to seek the same or higher lease rates for Landlord approval or to sign on behalf of landlord otherwise to secure a renter without unnecessary delay.
  • Counsel Landlord as to any material benefits or risks of a transaction that are actually known by Broker.
  • Agent shall provide to Owner upon request, one market evaluation of value at no charge one time per year, and will perform annual market analysis to determine if the rental amount can be raised to earn the landlord/owner more income within the market constraints.
  • Agent will inspect the premises at least 2 times per year to insure good condition and lease compliance or initiate the appropriate repairs, take photos to insure the longevity of the property.