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We are a full service Financial Brokerage business. When you need a mortgage to purchase residential or commercial properties or you need a business loan to build, or expand your business; we are your one stop shop. We also offer construction loans; if you need financing for repairs, to rehab or build consider us as the primary source of your income.

Construction Loan Warehousing - Residential and Commercial

We Provide Financing to Residential or Commercial Property Owners Wanting to Build!

Check out our Fix & Flip Program!

We can now provide financing to clients who are doing quick flip properties/projects. That generally means: buying low, fixing up (though not always), and then selling fast, at a profit.

These are now available as follows:

A one year term, and with no pre-payment penalties.


A 6 month term with a lower up-front cost. The idea being to get in and out in six months or less and save money on the cost of capital.

Six Month Quick Flip Loan

  1. Available for quick flip loans (with or without renovation expenses)
  2. 6 month term
  3. Option to extend for an additional 6 months is assured if borrower is timely on first 5 payments (paid within the grace period), and not past balloon due on the balloon payment.
  4. The additional extension--if borrower chooses to take it--will cost 3 points
  5. If borrower is not timely, there may be an extension offered, but the decision as to whether or not to offer an extension is at the discretion of the lender.
  6. No prepayment penalty

That's it.

Check out our New Rehab Program!!!

  1. Residential or Commercial
  2. Up to 75% ARV (After Repair Value)
  3. Asset based underwriting
  4. 660 FICO score (will consider lower, case by case basis)
  5. Limited credit or personal income requirements
  6. No seasoning requirements
  7. We send an appraiser to the subject property
  8. Terms up to 30 years
  9. Rates in the 7% to 8% Range
  10. 3% to 5% Management Fee
  11. $250K min loan amount, no max
  12. Cash out allowed
  13. No prepay penalty
  14. All 50 States

This program is PERFECT for Real Estate Investors!!

CONSTRUCTION LOAN WAREHOUSE is connected with large private money funds. We are able to fund on Residential and Commercial construction projects. These programs are common sense underwriting and funding and are designed to handle specific needs, challenges and objectives surrounding all levels of construction projects specifically designed to provide fast and efficient service in loan approvals, loan closings and distribution of construction funds

This exciting program covers:

Land Loans - lots, in or for development or RAW LAND 55% LTV!

Construction Financing - Interest Only up to 24 months 3.5%!

End-Permanent Loan - From 3.75% 30 Yr Fixed!

Rehab Blankets up to 75% ARV (After Repaired Value) No Seasoning!

680+ FICO - Can be lower, case by case.

We Even Offer Mortgage Brokers Firms Their Own Warehouse Line Of Credit!!!

Those less familiar with the mortgage industry don't understand that mortgage brokers can usually offer lower rates because of the large volume of mortgages they successfully fund with various lenders each year. And mortgage bankers can have access to even less expensive financing than mortgage brokers. This enables mortgage bankers to offer their clients closer to wholesale pricing versus the retail pricing a lender may offer directly to their own clients for just the one loan they are doing with them.

Mortgage bankers and brokers have access to hundreds of products available through dozens of lenders, but when an individual approaches an individual lender directly for a mortgage, that lender can only offer one line of mortgage products - their own.

We are seeking to acquire loans for the sole purpose of securitization and bundling into the secondary market by providing existing mortgage brokering firms with their own Warehouse Line of Credit. We do not approach the loans we are looking to purchase as a credit decision. A DU Approve/Eligible provided by the firm originating the loan is all that's needed! No Internal Guidelines or Overlays!

We will extend an unsecured line of credit to these firms to purchase loans that meet basic eligibility requirements by FHA, VA, or USDA, Jumbo or Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac Products. If you are already doing business, we can dramatically increase the amount received per funded loan transaction, providing far better rates at a lower cost.

It's not just saying we will buy these loans. We provide the pipeline to fund them with a dedicated WAREHOUSE LINE. These WAREHOUSE LINES are easy to get set up, taking days not months.

4 Easy Steps for Submission - Once a firm has been approved:

  1. STEP 1: Loans or pools of loans are submitted for a competitive price indication
  2. STEP 2: File(s) are uploaded to our secure server - (48 hour due diligence)
  3. STEP 3: Collateral sent to our Custodian under bailee by their Custodian
  4. STEP 4: A wire is sent within 24 hours to their Custodian

48-72 Hour Turn Around for Funding

What We'll Buy:

  1. 3.5% Down FHA
  2. Jumbo to $729,750 down to 620 FICO
  3. VA Products & Streamlines down to 620 FICO
    *as long as they are USDA insured
  5. No AVM's - No Overlays - No Adjustments
  6. No Re-Underwrite - Your Appraisal - No Credit Levels


Contact: Willie Choice


Phone: 609-310-6348